viernes, 2 de enero de 2009

Since the concept of Web 2.0 ... Everything is 2.0!

It is curious how since Tim O'Reilly coined the term Web 2.0, in those famous sessions brainstorming between O'Reilly and MediaLive International. Is evidenced by the fact that the web was going to be a first in the development of any activity of man (not only from the point of view).

Also that famous phrase:

The network externalities arising from the user's contributions are key to market domination in the era of Web 2.0.

However, as in all (the concept of innovation has happened something similar), the thing has been enriched already spoken environments Health 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, Business 2.0, or 2.0 SME until recently Phones 2.0 for all terms coining try an activity related to Web 2.0 and the tools it provides.

The concept of SMEs 2.0 came at the 90th edition Thursday with, which took place last night 30 October 2008 under the title:

"Small Business 2.0"

And in that defined: "The spread of information technology, gives the greatest opportunity which so far have been small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to compete in a global market. It also needs to operate in mobility, business network established in society and new forms of advertising and communication identifies a scenario that offers new opportunities, while establishing the final challenges for the modernization of the most important sector in the Spanish business. It's time for SMEs are SMEs 2.0 "

And I wonder if the concepts are based on X 2.0 a dynamic Web 2.0, when it finished moving to Web 3.0 (which is already speaking) again redefenir and X 2.0 X 3.0 to migrate? and that in most cases confuse the true meaning of a Web 2.0 simply use the Internet and ... that ... confused.

The term Web 2.0, productivity tools based on collaborative, cooperative environment goes far beyond mere Internet is simply a vehicle for such collaboration. No longer talking about software but infoware but to change the switch to Web 2.0 is to break some schemes, these schemes privacy of "this is mine and I do not agree with," ... that's why I say that not only have a blog or all day surfing the Internet.

In the article 'The Cornucopia of the Commons', Dan Bricklin and analyze the immense potential that has the community. One of the key lessons of the era of Web 2.0 is reinforcing: Users add value. Which companies use Web 2.0 methods inclusive in order to add user data and generate value for the side effect of using the regular application.

With the approach of Web 2.0, collaborative environments and so are key schemes that are obsolete and decadent many institutions / companies to preserve their own and not share with anyone, but for the gallery applying its approach to Web 2.0 is completely wrong and wasted the opportunity to create products, activities, much more shocking by the mere fact of collaboration. ... The power of the masses .... Marx end up going to be right and what is funny is that applicable to the capitalist world.

In this field we still have ... a boil ... need to precede a change in attitude but I fear that this will be the most difficult. Will, I hope, that the digital natives-as-tsunami rolled across the infostructure to this collaborative environment, collaborative-coopetitivo ... and cherish what Suriowecki James called 'the wisdom of the masses.

So take or surfboard and we slides over the tsunami holding hands or that we engullirá (it is not enough to know Excel and Powerpoint ...)

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