sábado, 3 de enero de 2009

Twitter ... a new boom in the interrelationship professional?

Barely a few weeks ago I started to use an environment that is completely unaware of and which is becoming an inexhaustible source of knowledge: Twitter.

What is Twitter? It is as simple as a kind of technically SMS (allowed maximum 140 characters) via web and to become a quasi microblog interactive professionals with high potential.

At first did not quite see the value until it began to "follow" posts of interesting people like Tim O'Reilly, Martin Varsavsky, Javier Martin, Antonio Fumero, Marc Cortes, Genís Rock, Rob McNealy .. and so long ... characters from the world of innovation, entrepreneurship and are now the guilty that I had "hooked" literally.

Tim O'Reilly has written a very interesting report which deals with the revolution that has led microblogging with Twitter, and that comes to corroborate the potential of the tool to share ideas with other immediate professional, "speaker" of past news as well as tracking the latest trends in new technologies.

O'Reilly mentioned Twitter final six characteristics that make an ideal candidate for marketing and interaction with other companies:

- Twitter is simple.

- Twitter works like the people: if I'm interested in feedback from someone, I say that I am following with no need to request permission.

- Twitter integrates well with a myriad of applications: Facebook, Adium ... This technology allows you to create interesting synergies.

- Twitter goes beyond the Web: You can use my PDA, my mobile phone, a PC ... is very versatile.

- Twitter is user-extensible, so you can make a set of actions with a series of tags (like @ a reply to anyone commenting on any topic)

- Twitter is evolving very quickly.

In short, a very interesting tool that offers business opportunities unimaginable. Like all things in this world, moderation is key. I have come to see how people spend also Twitter as an SMS-sender simply to say when getting up or lie down ... or what they eat ... and also using it for their personal reflections, often full of interesting content .... is there for all tastes and colors, you just have to know what you use and what can be interconnected by "virtual" in real time.

Do you encourage twittear?

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