viernes, 9 de enero de 2009

First e'SUC Digital: Tecnology Transfer Network from APTE

Last 17th of December, at 8.30 am, was held in the first e'SUC Digital espaitec, entitled "Presentation of the Transfer Network APTE (Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain".

What is e'SUC Digital? e'SUC is an extrapolation of the World Café but led to an environment where a STP debated over a period of 30 minutes a theme among all participants (only companies located in espaitec) and accompanied by orange juice, very typical of the province of Castellon. The digital component as being able to bring broadcast live on TV Channel espaitec and the possibility of virtual assistance through Skype to facilitate access to businesses that are outside of their offices.

On this occasion, as he commented, was presented the Technology Transfer Network APTE as a tool for collaboration and generate business opportunities. The session was very well accepted (15 people attended and almost all companies were represented). It also introduced e'SUCs schedule for the next 2009.

You can view the presentation and further details of the event in the Conference Room of the web espaitec.


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