domingo, 11 de enero de 2009

We Update You: UPDATE 08 Two. Where are we going?

Today I had the good fortune of being able to attend the event organized by the CEEI Castellón: WE UPDATE YOU, Update two 08 Alfons Cornella and Antonia Broglia.

But what is 08 UPDATE TWO?

Quite simply, although their preparation is not as simply a well orchestrated meeting that makes a profound summary of the documents (articles, books, cases, conferences ..) on new trends in innovation and enabling the world's 10 key ideas of business and aims to open the eyes of employers. Such sessions Infonomia (speakers) the organized twice a year.

This is the first time attended a UPDATE and frankly, I felt fantastic (Alfonso and Antonia had already heard in other previously maintained its "fingerprint" in this event, clear, concise, "visionary" and drivers of business motivation through pure reflection of the content)

This time is very interesting topics and that I stayed with some thoughts:

- Growth / survival in times of crisis. In this first "step" had to consider some conclusions:

* It is necessary to increase the "culture" financial
* The turbulence is fantastic opportunities to launch new business initiatives.
* The current crisis makes the design of the value chain is made from the price the customer is willing to pay ....
* The Internet has become an essential platform for lanzamieto tool user support.

- The next 5000 days of the Internet where they reviewed the major developments in the Internet: Web Objects (Semantics)

- Womenomics. Interesting perspective of women as an entrepreneur and high levels of talent that is taking advantage of low business. Here is an important niche and explore in depth.

- "Free!" The economy of the free. I especially liked this aspect as it reinforced the potential of platforms ... I would not say "free" by the negative connotations that wash ... open source, knowledge sharing at IESE. This section would highlight how the growing exchanges between the main actors, local .... for activities that can then be exported.

- Emerging Technologies of the semester, which was presented CLOUD COMPUTING as an alternative to the very immediate future and that will give much more to talk about ...

- Science and business. Alfons here put the "finger on the problem" when talking about the University-Enterprise that I said in another post on this blog, and how the delicate interplay from the Central Ministry is trying, through the national innovation system, improve . One aspect that I especially liked was the idea of COMBINED TALENTS in the university environment: join several universities to meet the targets. That is what, for example, in the Valencian Community is trying to GRADIENT Castellón.

- P2P economy. A concept to think in more depth: Bank of Time.

- Porter reinvents. The ability to reinvent what we do and give a more sophisticated.

Ultimately, a series of "art" that more than one will rethink their business model and explore new opportunities.

Thanks Alfons and Antonia. Congratulations.


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