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Seventh International Conference of APTE 2008 ... A techno-innovation-emotional management

Last 5, Nov. 6 was held at the Park Tecnolóxico of Galicia (Tecnopole) the seventh International conference of APTE (Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain) with the slogan: INNOVATE FROM THE TALENT and that was precisely what most had in those rooms.

The list of speakers was most elite in the world for innovation:

* Genís Roca, a guru of Web 2.0 we introduced the utility of this current in the online world of business.

'What is Web 2.0 in business?

* Eric Michel-Dufeil, responsible for regional development in the Directorate General for Regional Policy of the European Commission and speaking of

'The R & D in the Spanish Programming ERDF 2007-2013'

* Tapan Munroe, an expert in regional economy, impact studies and analysis of financial and economic sector of high technology who presented his book: "Silicon Valley. Ecology of Innovation" supported by Mark WestMind.

* Lestón Daniel Fernandez, who works at IBM where he has placed special focus on the study of emerging technologies and their impact on the world of business. In this area working with the community, within IBM, explores the potential of online virtual environments like Second Life and who presented the paper

'And tomorrow, what? The 3D Internet and on-line life '

* Jose Ramon Garcia, president and executive director of Blusens Global Corporation and gave a spectacular view of how a start-up can have an overwhelming success as is the case with Blusens:

'Blusens: paradigm of entrepreneurship, internationalization and technological innovation'

* Then we had the luck with Chema for Dapena, is a local artist with an international showing to perfection the-art research and tandem opened the debate:

'¿Innovation in art or art of innovation? "

* Mon Santiago Alvarez, a professor of the Department Managing People in Organizations IESE chair sat with an excellent presentation focused on

'The innovative talent management'

* And finally, Xoán and Xosé Cannas, Jose Luis Perez and Raul Mateo delight us with the prospect of innovation in the culinary arts

'The kitchen and cellar as the laboratories'

All the presentations were excellent but I want to highlight some aspects of some of them superb and it seemed to me that, thanks to the depth of the messages, I have been able to stop time for a moment and reflect:

Genís Roca, during his talk, we opened our eyes to the current state of the digital world and the future that awaits us and printed the flow like a tsunami which are mounted on the Digital Natives, this new generation of young people that has defined so well Marc Prensky and whose vision of reality is quite different from ours, what Prensky calls between digital immigrants and those who consider myself one more with all the positive and negative connotations that entails. Although there was nothing more shocking as his reference to the times in which we live: "Liquid Times", a term coined by Zygmunt Bauman and which accurately reflects the transit of a modern "solid" - stable, repetitive, a "liquid "- Fickle and flexible. I am reading the book right now and I have to say that the message you are conveying is hard but at the same time real and that explains the flow of intense volatility, lack of security and uncertainty in which we live. Highly recommended.

Tapan Munroe, made us reflect on the importance of the ecosystems of innovation (which desarrollaré in a future post) along the lines of the Silicon Valley and that really is not that far from what other regions are doing more or less successful. What I pointed out, as a visionary of what is coming, it's innovation that can give you a change of direction to the current crisis (hopefully someone will notice it).

Accompanied him, as the author of his book, Mark Westmind who might surprise everyone present impressed with his perspective of the road to take to disseminate and inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship to young people.

Introduced a draft (GreenBiz) very ambitious but loaded with content and it seems that, as always, is to wreak havoc in the U.S. and creating environments enviable. Maybe it's the formula we need to change that uneasiness of the latest generations and avoid the apathy that are suffering.

Professor Santiago Alvarez de Mon gave us, all present, a real lesson in management or rather self-management. In my case, I opened my eyes to many aspects of talent management and are clear predictors of the implementation of successful strategies in the management of parks (and even of life itself, as no!). He cited Ortega Gasset (If you want to send to the other prevailing on yourself) and Einstein (Imagination is more important than knowledge) among others and "set" (if I may say so) "chair", saying that " There is no intuition if there is no work and effort "... rather small element in our days.

The emotional part came from the hand of Chema Dapena with his art that printed color green room as well as the taste joined by brothers Cannas introducing his mastery in the kitchen and in the manufacture of wine.

Ultimately, the conference would define as INNO-TECHNO-EMOTIONAL ( "stealing"-but with the honey-term Pau Arenós , a friend who created it to the kitchen to catalog created by great masters) since it was able to combine technology, innovation and art to end an emotionally charged sprinkled nitrogen and give a final touch icing.

With all these ingredients, the organizers have ensured that these two very intense days-have-been recorded, the style of Chema Dapena, in our minds and in our hearts.

From here I want to thank the entire organization (especially Sandra, Bea F, Cristina, Bea T, Elisabeth, and Noemi Noemia for the patience they had with me) for the superb job they did, for his efforts and for the warmth and kindness to which had to bear all present.

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Tapan dijo...

Dear Juan:
Many thanks for your excellent summry of the APTE conference.I appreciate it.Wish I had more time to discuss some of the issues with you and others at Technopole.

Without innovation there is no rise in productivity, and without rise in productivity there is no increase in wages,incomes and economic growth.
Our major challenge is to invest more in innovation and well run and well conceived science parks.They are an excellent vehicle for enhancing economies in the 21st cenytuiry.The challenge is to secure funding in these difficult econmomic times.

I congratulate all of you at theTechnopole for your good work in moving forward the economic future of Galicia and Spain.
Please log on to my for my newspaper columns and my blogs.

Enjoyed my stay in Orense.

Best wishes for a successful 2009.

Tapan Munroe