lunes, 20 de octubre de 2008

TRIZ more than a methodology

On June 24 I attended a conference entitled "Innovation with the TRIZ methodology" that gave Dr. Iouri Belski and organized by the chair of the UJI INCREA. The fact is that he did not know that methodology, and I found interesting to hear what I could say about TRIZ but my surprise was when I started and I saw the title: "Systematised Substance-Field Analysis: TRIZ Methology." At that point I thought: "I have the wrong site ... this is for engineers ..." but fortunately not I left ... I was wrong ... and fairly.

Dr. Belski focused his talk metolodogía in a structured and systematic thinking to solve problems related to engineering, where, from a set of "substances", "camps" (acoustic, mechanical ,...) 5 and applying rules, it was possible to find a solution to the problem.

The fact is that, under the talk was moving, I was realizing the power they had TRIZ but not only for solving engineering problems, but also as an ideal tool for conflict resolution behavior in organizations (Organizational Dynamics), only we must rebuild the foundation on which underpin the rules and then make the connections between nodes.

Ultimately, it was a lucky to have the opportunity to attend because now I have another thing in that thinking: How can seize TRIZ as a tool to support business start-ups or growth phase to improve the resolution of their conflict does not matter the nature of them.

Is this hybridization? I think so. I find it fascinating to find new ways of doing things based on concepts that are applied to very disparate fields.


miércoles, 15 de octubre de 2008

Utopia or Dystopia

The truth is that it is not easy to launch a STP, especially when you're the last to arrive and there are already many players that may have a symbiotic, synergistic or simply decoupled-related entrepreneurial initiatives. However, it is curious to note that outweighs the "ownership dissociative" that the synergistic. In a word, that each one travels free with "a casual encounter along the way."

I think it is very important that there is an alignment between all local actors which develops business-entrepreneurial activity, we stopped aside the suspicions, the sensitivities, fears and we really put our role in the socio-economic fabric of our area (read region, province, etc.).. In short, I am convinced that everybody wants to make its work relevant, appreciated and useful for the society they live in but I am quite sure that this result will be reinforced and multiplied if converge on this goal with other similar elements. But it will be time when we will have to give and take on other ... but that's the game.

And here, a STP has much to say and do. It is a pity that because of a lack of proper guidance, all efforts (especially human and financial) are in a "nothing" or a "little bit" due to lack of understanding, or simply by negligence or motivation.

We must recognize that, unfortunately, the political factor is fundamental to derail the project ... or give it a Herculean momentum and to avoid the first, or failure, it is necessary that we work as individuals and not organizations.

Here it needs to be made a key question:

The generation of local wealth Is it really a goal of all?

If so, there would be no reason to fear but do not see it that way and it causes considerable differences remain, but that does not add up.

For that reason, we must continue to innovate to find initiatives that enrich our environment, let vanales of prominence and superfluous to point out that we really have only one objective: to help our environment is on a scientific level, technology and humanist ... which will lead to value creation, wealth and welfare.

"Innovation is not only fun intelligence group" (Michael Nolan)


domingo, 5 de octubre de 2008

Coopetition: a STP one more element

"Business is cooperation when it comes to creating a pie and competition when it divided" (Nalebug-Branderburger, 1996)

Though it may seem that the concept Coopetition-Cooperation and Competition (coined by Nalebug-Branderburger, 1996) applies only to businesses, it should be noted that a STP acting more like a business (regardless of its nature constitutive) and responds to the same pattern in As for interaction with the environment, that an enterprise (SME usually because of their size).

Therefore, in this case, a STP is not immune to this. That new mindset to consider competition and cooperation goes back to game theory applied to the world of business. This abstraction can be used similarly to the STP at the time to interact with the environment.

In this sense I think very useful to design a "map of net value" as it raises Nalebug-Branderburger focused on a STP that will allow us to make a reflection on customers, competitors, suppliers and completer.

Here we can already see the results of two symmetries very interesting: customer-supplier and competitor-completer. We must also take into account what enriches the map of net worth is that each player (customer, supplier, competitor and / or complement) has several roles and uses them as more appropriate.

I find interesting the fact incorporate game theory to the STP environment, and be able to identify players, rules, tactics and the pitch and everything in what order? just be able to identify the added value of each player in the process of generating wealth of the environment in which the STP is seen as added value as "what each player brings to the game" (Nalebug-Branderburger, 1996).

All the players joined, the oldest in the game and new. Sometimes, I see that incorporating a new player creates a structural instability in the environment because you have to redeploy the forces of cohesion between the different players and that is evident in instability sensitivities understandable but surmountable. We must avoid thinking about the fact that with each new addition is "every piece of the pie smaller," but that makes the cake is much more palatable if there coopetition.

Speaking of tasty cakes seems that now the theory of the management of parks will be similar to the theories of quantum physics which are color-flavor characteristics of the quantum particles ... but I do not pretend, however if it is related to what is claimed to speak for generating wealth in the socio-economic uniting the efforts of all players, making such an environment that incorporates the STP 3.0 as an asset and motor end to be, for tissue-business entrepreneur in the region

"A Great Place to Grow"

but let's talk about it later on ...