miércoles, 7 de enero de 2009

Tourism 2.0? ... but if half of little villages do not reach the internet!

Last Wednesday I had a reunion with all businesses in the tourism sector in the province of Castellon, as well as with various institutions (Universitat Jaume I-represented by several departments, Chamber of Commerce Castellón ...) to begin to design a Strategic Plan Tourism in the province and all provide a very interesting set of ideas to boost this sector and try to achieve the goal of which was a landmark Castellón tourism innovative national and even international ... we were looking at ways to form what could be called an Ecosystem of Touristic Innovation composed of all stakeholders.

Define standards, raise productivity tools supported in many environments Web 2.0 (but not only technologically speaking in terms of human, social, cultural ),.... ultimately "play" in designing the future of our province.

But I discovered a shocking detail that was presented as the main obstacle to our dreams were true: the majority of people of the province do not have a decent access to the network .... and asked how it is possible that in the twenty-first century have more than 50% of the province "isolated" in technological terms? ... the answer was clear: not a big deal for operators of communications (wireless or landline) ... Unbelievable but true.

Obviously, our dream in this situation is like building a house of cards in the air. But it seems it is not only an issue of our province, one only has to read the report: The Information Society in Spain 2008 to realize that we should take all of your hands and put them to mourn because our position on this issue about Europe (as we like to compare both) is painful.

And with so grossly disproportionate rates ... how we are going to require that rural people have access to the Internet? (It's funny article that I read about an advertisement of Telefonica, announced that it 6Mb access and just elected a village where the speed is not more than 512Kb ... precisely because they are not profitable).

In short, much work will be needed first to talk of a possible Tourism 2.0 without the vacuum and a purely political speech. ...

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