jueves, 18 de diciembre de 2008

STP 3.0: STP a la carte?

On many occasions we endeavor to encourage innovation in young entrepreneurs ... Yet if we look carefully we see that we really do not innovate, the parks continue to operate as traditional structures, with organizational charts and obsolete operational and is little more we offer a package of services has required that anyone really ... perhaps suffer from the same "disease" of many entrepreneurs, "who does not eat day to day and there is no time to reflect."

Making clean slate, I wonder:

- How would a STP where services are designed directly by the client?

- How would a STP where the mechanisms for generating value added were designed by the community ... of entrepreneurs and businessmen? Something like a "crowsourcing" of innovation.

- How would a business model of a STP where the cost of the service provided the customer defines it? that is, is the customer who appreciates what you are offering (a priori or a posteriori) ... ¿There really a possible business model?

That is to say something like a Wiki-STP or a Wiki-preneur in which the definition of protocols, standards, strategies are designed on the basis of feedback from the community. It would be something like a company of Open Source: defining a strategy at least, a basic product and the community is and who is trying to improve its "flavor" and helping the company to refocus its business model.

What benefit would get a k-node to node or knowledge to make their vision of the STP, which was shared? Perhaps the side effect that would result in the socio-economic environment in the region where they launch? (always considering the environment as a crucial element of the University tandem university-enterprise ... that ultimately would be the main engine of technological transfer to and from the company promoting the enrichment of both)

In principle it would have to break some molds, such as the fact untie the estate with the STP. The mere fact of being located in a park scientific-technological and of itself should be a mark of quality assurance and focus more than their intrinsic value to provide a package of services from "low resolution" should be a visa to enter a environment in which talent management, networking, technology transfer, knowledge management and coopetitive collaboration are those that increase the active-enterprising company decides to imbue in this info-structure.

Could be a STP 3.0 a "Funky Business" in the current structure??

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