lunes, 20 de octubre de 2008

TRIZ more than a methodology

On June 24 I attended a conference entitled "Innovation with the TRIZ methodology" that gave Dr. Iouri Belski and organized by the chair of the UJI INCREA. The fact is that he did not know that methodology, and I found interesting to hear what I could say about TRIZ but my surprise was when I started and I saw the title: "Systematised Substance-Field Analysis: TRIZ Methology." At that point I thought: "I have the wrong site ... this is for engineers ..." but fortunately not I left ... I was wrong ... and fairly.

Dr. Belski focused his talk metolodogía in a structured and systematic thinking to solve problems related to engineering, where, from a set of "substances", "camps" (acoustic, mechanical ,...) 5 and applying rules, it was possible to find a solution to the problem.

The fact is that, under the talk was moving, I was realizing the power they had TRIZ but not only for solving engineering problems, but also as an ideal tool for conflict resolution behavior in organizations (Organizational Dynamics), only we must rebuild the foundation on which underpin the rules and then make the connections between nodes.

Ultimately, it was a lucky to have the opportunity to attend because now I have another thing in that thinking: How can seize TRIZ as a tool to support business start-ups or growth phase to improve the resolution of their conflict does not matter the nature of them.

Is this hybridization? I think so. I find it fascinating to find new ways of doing things based on concepts that are applied to very disparate fields.


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