domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2008

Talent Networking

It is not easy to retain the best people in our business and what I see is that the relevance that has not always understood by employers unless they begin to detect movement in the market and in that case, start to get nervous if the best are going to the competition.

The Aberdeen Group presents a new report, this time sponsored by Cezanne Software, a provider of advanced solutions for Human Capital Management, which corroborates how the performance management of employees is becoming again at the central strategy of enterprises when it comes to compromise and retain employees.

"The pressures that lead organizations to pursue the performance management of employees have changed in 2008 to reflect the pressing reality that is associated with the global shortage of talent," said Kevin Martin research director of Human Capital Management in Aberdeen. "The current shortage of skilled labor is assuming a real challenge to maintain a sufficient supply of talent, which is drifting in a more competitive environment that involves difficulty in retaining workers in more talent. Consequently, the best organizations are seeking ways to accommodate the entire demands of work and development as well as expectations of a diverse workforce, provide clarity and consistency among the priorities of working employees and business goals, and establish a sense mutual belonging and responsibility in this process between the employee and his/her supervisor. "

Here rewards available tools for managing the performance of employees (known as EPM-solutions-Employee Performance Management) and large companies have managed to increase by over 600% employee productivity as well as retention of the best " gray matter. "

Here I leave with you a link to the report for which I recommend reading:
Aberdeen Report on Talent Management

We return to a focus on the theme of giving it the importance it deserves the management of people. Today I had an argument with a businessman who told me that people are not important since "you say you have to do and how much easier it is better not to think", "if everything is no procedure or protocol has Why have the problem "and I ask myself: who is going to read those protocols and who will run in an efficient manner? A robot or a human mind?

I think it's an interesting reflection on calculating and assessing the knowledge-man-years that are lost when an employee leaves the company qualified and is going to competition: the training they received in ours and what has become a way induced or spontaneously.

If, moreover, the intellectual capital that we have made in our company as we integrate into a knowledge-sharing between providers and clients Multiplier effect is unimaginable, then becomes a Talent Networking also needs to be managed properly to ensure that investment in long - Money is profitable.

Recently I read an article in the tribune FREE written by Julio Perez-Roman Tomé (Corporate Dossier July 4-10) which stated something that we must not forget:

"You have to have enough talent to discover their own talent in others"

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