miércoles, 15 de octubre de 2008

Utopia or Dystopia

The truth is that it is not easy to launch a STP, especially when you're the last to arrive and there are already many players that may have a symbiotic, synergistic or simply decoupled-related entrepreneurial initiatives. However, it is curious to note that outweighs the "ownership dissociative" that the synergistic. In a word, that each one travels free with "a casual encounter along the way."

I think it is very important that there is an alignment between all local actors which develops business-entrepreneurial activity, we stopped aside the suspicions, the sensitivities, fears and we really put our role in the socio-economic fabric of our area (read region, province, etc.).. In short, I am convinced that everybody wants to make its work relevant, appreciated and useful for the society they live in but I am quite sure that this result will be reinforced and multiplied if converge on this goal with other similar elements. But it will be time when we will have to give and take on other ... but that's the game.

And here, a STP has much to say and do. It is a pity that because of a lack of proper guidance, all efforts (especially human and financial) are in a "nothing" or a "little bit" due to lack of understanding, or simply by negligence or motivation.

We must recognize that, unfortunately, the political factor is fundamental to derail the project ... or give it a Herculean momentum and to avoid the first, or failure, it is necessary that we work as individuals and not organizations.

Here it needs to be made a key question:

The generation of local wealth Is it really a goal of all?

If so, there would be no reason to fear but do not see it that way and it causes considerable differences remain, but that does not add up.

For that reason, we must continue to innovate to find initiatives that enrich our environment, let vanales of prominence and superfluous to point out that we really have only one objective: to help our environment is on a scientific level, technology and humanist ... which will lead to value creation, wealth and welfare.

"Innovation is not only fun intelligence group" (Michael Nolan)


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