martes, 30 de septiembre de 2008

Open Source Services: something new?

One of the activities of a STP provides is a set of services to businesses located in the park that is supposed to go to improve their business functions and help them increase their productivity, however it seems that these services are provided in isolation The STP provides a list of providers of that service and becomes independent of the outcome of these and even the back of customer satisfaction once you have eaten. That independence on the one hand allows the STP does not get involved in the choice of provider and the other does not intervene in the valuation of that service. For single service: as an adviser to search, find sources of funding, and so on. may even be desirable, however, and following an article I read recently on the Open Source Software, which built other applications based on open access, but whose value added was operating as integrator or aggregator in all its essence, I I asked if there would be no way to act as a service provider "open" manner to provide a much higher value added.

That is, I believe that a OSSP (Open Source Services Provider) should be able to meet requests from a client (read company installed a STP ... or even does not have to ...) based on a set of suppliers in Based on an evaluation criterion weighted according to their business, and involve all relevant actors needed to make that request can be carried out with as much of the guarantees. The added value of a OSSP is to act as "middleware" between all vendors doing that all work together (building on a project management) but they function independently. The Open Source Software that lets you at any given time if there is an application-member global application that ceases to be valid, be replaced by another ensuring that the result will be the same with minimal changes in their integration, that is, in this " middleware that interconnects. The Open Source Services should be able to act likewise.

Creating protocols to be able to adjust the suppliers, it would be possible to provide a solution independent of who they are "physically" suppliers and rely solely on the basis of business that they play which in turn can be done by another supplier in case of that the first does not fulfill or ceases to be active.

Taking into account that now all providers must comply with a set of "communications protocols" to be able to establish the appropriate "connector" between them how base my choice of what provider is the best? simply because, in a series of indicators related to the quality of this "connector", its cost, its versatility to change the face of the provider you go online and to avoid that outcome is affected and the response time among others.

The value added of the STP is to provide, acting as OSSP, the 3D fractal structure consisting of nodes (suppliers) easily replaceable and interconnected by "standard connector" whose form will be different depending on the request. It is a good reflection huh?

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