viernes, 26 de septiembre de 2008

Corporate Blogs a good way to communicate

With new technologies in the fields of communication, companies are making efforts to adapt and rely on tools very competitive and high added value for the development of their businesses. The so-called weblogs, or blogs are a very interesting primarily for their ability to interact with customers and the other for its accessibility.

The blogs began to be "daily" personal or professional in any case, however increasingly companies and used as Corporate Blogs. Blogs in general require periodic updates and messages are archived chronologically. These messages are added to public comments that might be moderate or not. There are an infinite number of types of blogs, as many as thematic or formats: personal news, business or corporate, technological, educational, political, etc., and according to their content, are presented as fotologs, Videoblogs or audioblogs.

From a business point of view, I would distinguish between two types: those used for client feedback on services provided by the company and those used by the entrepreneurs. The former are very important because they allow "open its eyes" to the company versus what your customers demand (that is what I have called more than once society of the conversation, a term coined Vicente Verdu), and these opinions, like which can see you anywhere in the blogosphere, should not be underestimated by the company. It would not be the first nor the last time that a company finds out what evil that it does through the blogosphere and when it's too late.

The second, from my point of view, are the most interesting because they are real forums where the present and future entrepreneurs can present their ideas and receive feedback from the public, which can be shared "world views" with other entrepreneurs and even start a relationship commercial. This is where you can better fathom the market, and if our future product will be welcome or not.

The truth is that the use of blogs by companies involves a change of mentality in the management of relations with its government. In addition, it indicates a trend toward entities more open, transparent and willing to cooperate.

As I said before, new technology and specifically the blogs, because of their interactive nature, represent one of the best ways to establish this exchange with our audience. A very telling example is the Mozilla Firefox browser, its launch was made from a single blog in 99 days and managed to download 25 million and now is the biggest rival to Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

However, I understand that at the beginning our blog may cause fear and to the conversation and message is uncontrollable but on the other hand do not bring messages of our clients / consumers / users who may be crucial to find that aspect differentiator with the competition: to know listen to those who actually have the final word on the market -> customers.

I think I mentioned somewhere else but I recommend the Manual of the blog on the company by Alberto Ortiz de Zarate Third. What can download from the Web Infonomía.

We also included a list of good corporate blogs:

* Babies and more:
Thematic niche blog sponsored by Sanitas

* Blog of the Hotel del Pintor:
Blog of a corporate design hotel in Malaga

* BlueBBVA:
Network of blogs theme music, soccer and travel-oriented target youth

* Inside AdSense:
Blog official Google AdSense program geared to website publishers

* FON Blog:
FON's official blog project

* Ingredients:
Blog corporate consultancy The Cocktail

* Live the city:
Blog network of cities driven by the chain NH Hoteles

* Vodafone 3GSM:
Blog corporate event for the coverage of the 3GSM Congress

To end, what has to do with the STP 3.0? Much truth, I consider that a blog STP can be used to assess future services that want to lend to a company located in the park, sharing views on specific strategies with other parks, customers (and future) ... anything that involves a reflection is positive.

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